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The WiBE

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The WiBE, another alternative to fixed line broadband.

An alternative to fixed line and satellite broadband is the revolutionary WiBE. This clever device delivers a reliable 2 Mbps connection to rural areas. Access to the Internet is an everyday part of life, but in many areas ADSL speeds are slow and satellite and fixed broadband wireless solutions are relatively expensive.

The WiBE (Wireless Broadband Extender) uses multi-beam antenna technology to extend the range and throughput of a 3G mobile network. This allows the 3G network to be a viable option, bringing speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, and an average of 2 Mbps in rural areas. The unit we supply will work with any 3G network in the UK or abroad.


I have personally tested this unique device both in Italy and in the UK in very difficult areas Decemer . In all cases, where there was a weak 3G signal but not enough for data on my Galaxy S2 or my 3G dongle, the WiBE pulled the signal in very well. The hardest test I gave it was at two locations at the base of the Calabrian mountains in Italy near Santa Domenica Talao and Orsomarso where I managed to pull my email and speak on Skype to my UK contacts. Those who spend a lot of time on the road either at work or for leisure will find the WiBE to be a real blessing. With a 6 volt supply either through an appropriate car adapter or the supplied mains adapter, it is easy to fit on the dashboard or in my case on a seat in the MH and just let it do its bit.

Travelling back to the UK in the MH, I could listen to Radio 4 (what else?) online on my Galaxy S2 set to WiFi via the WiBE all the way up the spine of Italy, a total of 1000km, using a 3 ITA data sim card. During this period, the signal was surprisingly stable. While WiBE cannot increase the throughput if not available, usually due to contention limits on the network, it does a brilliant job where the problem is low signal strength. 

I recently demonstrated the WiBE to one of our clients in Kinver (WMids), where the BT broadband is quite slow. With WiBE we were testing on an average of 1.5 Mb/s download and upload speeds of up to 2.09Mb/s.  This is in an area where a 3G data connection was at best slow or non- existent on my Galaxy S2. Coupled with a Snom VOIP phone via the LAN port at the back, we made calls using the Woden VOIP number which means that you can literally carry your office with you wherever you are. Such a simple combination in your home or small office, could replace your BT line and broadband in one swoop.

This device is a serious contender to replace fixed line connections in the broadband desert spots that still abound in the UK and other places like Spain, Italy and other countries.

The WiBE is available from Woden at a very competitive price of £230 ex. VAT. With it, we provide you with a domain for you or your business and a business e-mail mailbox using your domain for 12 months.

Simply position the WiBE near a window sill or other convenient place and you are connected to the net immedeately via your 3G simcard. Check the technology at Coupled with a VOIP phone you can have your own telephone connection on your own fixed line number if you so desire.


What is the cost?

The cost of the WiBE extender itself is just £260 by itslef, but at Woden we can provide you with a package including a working 3G line with an inclusive 15Gb download. Alternatively you can also lease it short term for a minimum of 3 months.

We also provide you with a Snom 300 Voip phone that can be plugged in to the WiBE for ‘fixed line’ calls using the internet. With this phone we provide a geographical or non geographical number than can be used either temporarily if on lease or exclusively for your use if bought.

If required we can register your own temporary domain and provide email facilities for the period of use. This is useful for example when a large site project handles its own PR or require an independent presence on the net.  All this package which includes all local and national calls to fixed line numbers from your Voip phone and a generous 15Gb allowance on your 3G use.

The total package including WiBE, Snom Voip phone, including 12 month 3G sim card is  £750 for or on short term lease (including all hardware) for £100 / month for a minimum of 3 months. Alternatively if you already have your sim card, you can just purchase the WiBE at £260.


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